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Humboldt County high school students demonstrate Industrial Art Trades

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) Monday evening all roads led to the Sequoia Conference Center in Eureka for The Second Industrial Technology Showcase Of Excellence.

High schools from all over the county participated and students
had the chance to showcase their “excellence” by showcasing projects that
specialized in areas of industrial arts trades.

From metal, wood, architectural design, industrial prototyping, and automotive technology. Students were encouraged for the last several months to acknowledge their achievements in the trades, become more proficient at industry-based skills, and improve their leadership and interview ability. Hoping to one day land a career in the industrial field.

“Well, a lot of these folks are going off to engineering programs,” said Industry Instructor Lex Rohn. “I’ve known many other students and they go off to these programs and one of the first things that they do is they put them back into a hands-on classroom, into a shop, because they’ve learned so many academic and they got computers skills beyond belief.”

“It’s been a great artistic outlet,” added Arcata High Senior, Brian Ford. “It’s a good way for me to be constructive and separating myself from everything else that’s going on and just doing something that I really enjoy.”

The showcase was put on by
the Humboldt County Office of Education.
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