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Letter: 5G towers going in near homes, etc. without proof of safety

Moratorium on 5G towers
is needed till proven safe
The Russian network mentioned in the article “Russian network spreads health fears over 5G wireless service” (Page A3, May 13) has proven itself untrustworthy, but the potential harm of 5G is real.
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has been proven to cause harm to humans, and 5G is far more dangerous than prior technology. See for links to studies. The long-term safety of EMR has never been proven.
How did we get to the point that 5G towers are being installed near homes, schools and work places when such proof doesn’t exist and when, in fact, growing numbers of studies demonstrate harm?
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For the sake of our children — the most vulnerable subjects in this huge biological experiment – -we need to make immediate appeals for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G towers until potential hazards have been fully investigated by scientists independent from the telecommunications industry.
Martha and Carl Plescia
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