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4 Killed In High-Speed Crash Into Pole On Northbound 710 Freeway In South Gate

SOUTH GATE (CBSLA) — Four men were killed Wednesday after their BMW lost control on the northbound 710 Freeway and crashed into a freeway sign pole at high speed.
The first reports of the crash started at about 3:15 a.m. Callers told 911 two cars were racing on the freeway when one passed the Firestone Boulevard exit, lost control and slammed into a pole.
CHP says there were significant skid marks leading up to where the BMW crash, but there’s no sign of a second car. Investigators say it’s not clear if a second was indeed involved, or if the BMW was simply putting on a display of speed.
The BMW was left on its side, wrapped around the freeway sign pole. Four men were inside the car, and all were killed on impact.
Three of four lanes of the freeway have been shut down for an unknown duration.

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