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Letter: Mayor’s housing plan benefits those with student loan debt

Mayor’s housing plan benefits
those with student loan debt
I am writing in response to your recent article, “ San Jose: Mayor proposes new ADU program to boost housing ” (, May 15), It is very exciting to see that Mayor Sam Liccardo is taking steps in the right direction to make housing in our city more affordable.
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I am currently an 18-year-old high school student and I have been fearful for my future financially. I know that many of my friends have been planning to leave the Bay Area because they cannot afford the high rents here. Mayor Liccardo’s proposal to offer forgivable loans and waive fees for residents willing to construct and lease accessory dwelling units or granny flats to low-income renters for at least five years will really benefit low-income residents and students like me who cannot afford current rents because of student loans.
Emily Pacini-Carlin
San Jose
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