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Letter: Why don’t pro-lifers also demand better gun laws?

Why don’t pro-lifers also
demand better gun laws?
I appreciate the concern pro-lifers have for the unborn. Yes, the unborn can’t speak for themselves. But I question the pro-lifers’ right to interfere with someone else’s lifestyle.
A woman must raise that child; it is her choice to make; and abortion is really between her, her doctor and her God.
I also question some of their rationale. If you feel this strongly about trying to save the lives of the helpless, why don’t you also demand gun management? Mass shootings at schools, theaters and even places of worship have killed and maimed hundreds, yet all we get are “thoughts and prayers.” This is hypocrisy.
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Some countries have limited families to only one child. I don’t want to live in a society that has that much control. What if the government forced all males to be circumcised? Or demanded vasectomies? Why should limiting women’s rights be any different?
Jim Cauble
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