Ask Amy: She’s rude to me in public, then says I’m childish if I object

Dear Amy: I have been friends with “Charlotte” for 35 years. Nine years ago, because we were both widowed we agreed to rent an apartment together. At first it was wonderful. However, she began to criticize and correct me, especially in front of my children and friends. I have repeatedly told her how this makes me feel, but then she says I’m being a child and overreacting. How do I get her to stop? This has affected our friendship to the point where I can’t stand being around her in social settings. She has even done this in front of my clients. We both work in the same office at the beginning of the tax season. Then in January, I move to another office location, which is a relief. Is this a sign of senility, or is she being a bully?  Fed Up Related Articles Advice | Ask Amy: I had no idea what to say about the photo of his teenage daughter Advice | Ask Amy: This photo has me rethinking the mysterious end of our friendship Advice | Ask Amy: I’m the wife

Orioles minor league report: Bowie lineup blasts off; trade return Cade Povich makes strong first impression

The Orioles called up the best prospect in baseball and became a surprise playoff contender. Might they repeat the former and finish the job? On Monday, Baseball America released its updated list of baseball’s top 100 prospects, with Triple-A Norfolk infielder Gunnar Henderson atop it. The 21-year-old has a .946 OPS for the Tides and has yet to face a pitcher younger than him. He had a relatively quiet July — still posting an .826 OPS — but came out strong in the first week of August, slashing .333/.429/.542 in last week’s series with Nashville. If there’s one qualm in Henderson’s game this year, it’s his performance in left-on-left matchups, hitting .219 with a .702 OPS. But he’s been much better in that regard since joining Norfolk in June, batting a respectable .258/.329/.484. With opportunity seemingly available on the Orioles’ infield, it’s possibly only a matter of time before Henderson joins fellow 2019 draftee and No. 1 overall prospect Adley Rutschman in contributing to Baltimore’s playoff push. But Henderson’s strong week wasn’t even among the top offensive showing this week on the Orioles’ farm. Each

Harriette Cole: My friends were rattled when my neighbor revealed what she knows about them

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been talking to my next-door neighbor incessantly, mainly because we have both been at home for two years. When we aren’t working, we are generally having tea or otherwise biding time together. She is very nice, but I know I need to be more mindful of what I say to her. The other day, some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time came over. I invited my neighbor to join us for drinks. As everyone was talking, she jumped right in and participated a little too fully in the conversation because she knew things about my friends that I had told her. Later, they told me it was awkward for them that their personal information was regurgitated by this stranger. It’s my fault, but how do I cut her off now? I have gone too far. Overstepping Related Articles Advice | Harriette Cole: On the brink of divorce, I’ve had a change of heart Advice | Harriette Cole: He got mad because I was dating. Can I ever trust our friendship again? Advice | Harriette Cole: Her hair is so

Miss Manners: How can these strangers think this is an OK question?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I gave birth to my son at age 39. He is biracial, and we don’t look exactly alike. Since he was an infant, complete strangers have approached me to ask how we are related, with no prior conversation or interaction. The question is, invariably, “Hi, is that your grandson?” Most of the time, I say with a straight face and in a monotone, “No, he is my son.” But I resent having to explain to complete strangers how I am related to the child I am with. Since when is it OK to be this forward with complete strangers? I don’t understand why they care. Is there a better way to communicate that their question is rude and intrusive, as well as not provide them with the requested information? GENTLE READER: “Sorry — I’m teaching him not to talk to strangers. I’m sure you understand how important that is these days.” DEAR MISS MANNERS: One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m using a public restroom and someone comes in while having a conversation on their phone — sometimes even on

Dear Abby: How do I have a funeral for my husband and not let on how much I despise him?

DEAR ABBY: We are a couple, married for 46 years. If my husband passes on first, I’m unsure about how to handle any services for him. He has narcissistic personality disorder and, over the course of our marriage, he has made my life a living hell. I have grown to despise him. I need to be respectful of his children and friends. Only a few close women friends know the situation. I want to have a proper remembrance for them that won’t involve too much of my presence. He will be cremated per his request. Can you suggest how I should handle this? CAREFUL IN CALIFORNIA DEAR CAREFUL: Discuss this with the person who will officiate at the memorial service when the time comes. Be as active a participant as you would like. Leaving the eulogizing to the people who loved him — his friends and children — is your privilege. Related Articles Advice | Dear Abby: I’m trying not to flip out about the sisters’ over-the-top texts Advice | Dear Abby: I wrote a letter to the classmates who bullied me, but I never

Death Valley route buried in floods closed for another week

A main roadway into Death Valley National Park will remain closed into next week as crews clean up after record-breaking rains damaged the roadway and choked it with mud, rocks and debris. Flash flooding in the park last week trapped hundreds of hotel guests and partially buried about 60 cars and trucks in mud. No injuries were reported. The California Department of Transportation said about 30 miles (48 kilometers) of State Route 190 were partially or fully buried with debris and about 20 miles (32 kilometers) have been cleared. However, the route will remain closed at least through Aug. 17 from Trona Wildrose Road/Panamint Valley Road to State Route 127 in Death Valley Junction, Caltrans said in a statement. “As our crews continue to remove debris. They have found several damaged sections of highway with complete shoulder loss, damage to asphalt, and undercutting of the roadway,” Caltrans District 9 Director Ryan Dermody said. Some of the debris collected will be used to fill in eroded road shoulders, Caltrans said. On Monday, flash flooding from a monsoonal moisture system also closed a 5-mile (8-kilometer) stretch of

Southwest attendant suffers broken back in hard landing

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant suffered a compression fracture to a vertebra in her upper back during a hard landing last month in California, according to federal safety investigators. The National Transportation Safety Board said the impact of landing was so hard that the flight attendant thought the plane had crashed. She felt pain in her back and neck and could not move, and was taken to a hospital where she was diagnosed with the fracture. The safety board completed its investigation without saying what caused the hard larding. The NTSB said none of the other 141 people on board the plane were injured in the incident at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. The pilots told investigators that they were aiming for the normal touchdown zone on the relatively short runway. “However, it ended up being a firm landing,” the NTSB said in its final report, dated Friday. Dallas-based Southwest said in a statement Monday, “We reported the matter to the NTSB in accordance with regulatory requirements and conducted an internal review of the event.” A spokeswoman for the airline declined to provide

Silver Alert Issued for 85-Yearl Old Woman

A Silver Alert was issued Monday on behalf of an 85-year-old woman last seen in South Los Angeles.Jaquelin Cameron was last seen at approximately 4 p.m. near West 50th Street and Normandie Avenue, according to the California Highway Patrol, who issued the alert on behalf of the Los Angeles Police Department. Cameron is Black, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs 180 pounds, has gray hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a black shirt, black pants and a green headband. Anyone who see Cameron or knows of her whereabouts was asked to call 911.The Silver Alert program was established by the CHP to issue and coordinate alerts involving the unexplained or suspicious disappearance of elderly, developmentally disabled or cognitively impaired individuals.

Pilot program in Stanislaus County offers technology that turns air into drinking water

STANISLAUS COUNTY — A new technology could be the solution to dealing with contaminated groundwater in Stanislaus County. Nitrates are found in fertilizer or waste water from treatment plants. These chemicals can seep into well water. The Central Valley Regional Water Control Board’s job is to protect residents from these chemicals. However, parts of Stanislaus County have not been successful, falling below the standard for drinking water. Valley Water Collaborative provides residents with temporary solutions, offering free well testing. Those with high nitrates are provided with free bottled water. But now a new pilot program aims to offer a long-term solution: panels that condense humidity, basically turning air into drinking water. The technology can provide 10 gallons of drinking water a day. The technology was placed outside Martha Lorenzo’s home in Ceres, where she lives with her grandchildren. She said that the technology frees her from worrying about whether her grandkids are drinking contaminated water. There are 280 homes in Stanislaus County eligible for the new technology. And if the pilot program is successful, it could be expanded to reach many more people. To find out if your home is eligible, reach