5 Memphis police officers fired over Tyre Nichols death

The Memphis Police Department announced Friday that it has fired all five officers involved in the traffic stop arrest earlier this month that may have led to the death of Tyre Nichols. The department said the five officers violated its policies pertaining to use of force, duty to render aid, and duty to intervene. The FBI and the Justice Department are also launching an investigation into Nichols’ death.

Ukrainian troops dig in for winter defenses

There is still no final decision on the rapid shipment of German tanks for Ukraine. But at a meeting of Western allies, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, emphasized that with the right weapons and training, Ukraine can launch a significant counter-offensive against invading Russian forces in the spring. Correspondent Debra Patta reports from the frontlines, where Ukrainian troops are digging in, engaged in trench warfare fought in subzero temperatures.

House GOP pushes spending cuts for debt ceiling agreement

House Republicans, especially those who demanded concessions to elect Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, say they want spending cuts before they’ll agree to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, which the Biden administration says is necessary to ensure America doesn’t default on what it owes, or compromise the Treasury’s ability to pay out Social Security or Medicare. CBS News Washington correspondent Christina Ruffini reports.

Saturday Sessions: Sylvan Esso performs “Didn’t Care”

The electronic pop-duo of Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn hails from Durham, North Carolina. Their debut album hit Billboard’s Top 40, and their second and third albums each scored Grammy nominations. Just this week they announced a big North American tour. Sylvan Esso visits “Saturday Sessions” to perform “Didn’t Care,” from their latest album, “No Rules Sandy.”

Music Tonight: Saturday, Jan. 21

Singer-songwriter Will Sheff, the central figure and sole original member of Austin’s Okkervil River, brings his baroque folk and pop act to the Arcata Theatre Lounge tonight, presumably with a new(ish) cast of backing musicians on deck. Also on the bill is New York City’s mmeadows, featuring Kristin Slipp from Dirty Projectors and Cole Kamen-Green, who cut his teeth collaborating with the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. This will be the week’s Big Gig, so if that is of interest to you, plan your evening accordingly starting at 7 p.m. ($24, $20 advance)…

NHL trade deadline: Sharks will be busy, but how drastic will changes be?

Before officially missing the playoffs the last three years, and also in 2015, the San Jose Sharks, predictably, were sellers, offloading some pending unrestricted free agents to recoup assets, namely in the form of draft picks. The Sharks’ inner core, though, usually remained intact, although do-everything forward Barclay Goodrow was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020 for a first-round draft pick that was used to select Ozzy Wiesblatt. The Sharks are once again out of the playoff picture and once again have multiple pending UFA’s, notably forwards Nick Bonino, Matt Nieto, and goalie James Reimer, players that should attract interest prior to NHL’s trade deadline, now just six weeks away. “You get down to this time of year and guys like (Bonino, Nieto, and Reimer), they’re valuable for a reason,” Sharks general manager Mike Grier said last week. “(The) reason we want them around here and we want them around our young guys, kind of driving the culture here, is the same reason playoff teams will have interest in them.” This year, though, there’s a chance — perhaps a strong one — that

Recapping the Cattlemen’s dinner | Barton

Since 1973 Tehama County Cattlemen have recognized a Man of the Year, and Hank Pritchard was this year’s Man of Year.  His son Matt, a past Tehama County Cattlemen President, gave a brief description of his father.  Thanks to Matt. Here are his notes since I couldn’t write fast enough. “‘Our Man of The Year Award goes to a man that was born and raised in Manton, CA, on a ranch that was homesteaded by his Great GrandFather starting in 1873. He has been running commercial cattle his entire life. He has been on almost every range on the west side either gathering his own cattle or hunting strays, including the Mary Ellen, Dixie Valley, Burr Valley, Swains, Pettyjohn, The Huff, Wells Creek, the Diamond, the R Ranch, and the Penacolie. Most of his time is spent on the east side running cattle around Manton and Paynes Creek in the winter, and during the summer, on SPI and USFS permits. When he had cattle on the Feather River Forest Service permit, he along with family and friends drove the cattle from the ranch to Willow

49ers vs. Cowboys: Five keys to reaching NFC Championship Game

SANTA CLARA — Standing guard inside Levi’s Stadium’s northwest gate are statues of Dwight Clark and Joe Montana, re-enacting “The Catch” from the defining moment in 49ers history. That iconic play launched a Super Bowl-winning dynasty from the 1981 season into the mid-90s. What made Clark’s game-winning, NFC-clinching touchdown even sweeter is that it came against the Dallas Cowboys, a playoff rival dating from the 1970s and up to this Sunday. Yes, the Cowboys are in the 49ers’ way again during another Super Bowl pursuit. They’ll cap the NFL’s divisional-round playoffs Sunday at Levi’s Stadium. A year ago, the 49ers ousted the host Cowboys in the wild-card round. Both franchises are still seeking their first Lombardi Trophy since the mid-1990s (1994 season for the 49ers, 1995 for the Cowboys). Those droughts cooled a rivalry that will seem red hot once this game kicks off at 3:30 p.m. “Last year was my first time getting a taste of it. I didn’t fully understand it,” wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk said of the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry. “Now this year, getting a second time at it, and getting to hear

Dogs rule and cats drool? Or is it opposite? | Casey

Dogs rule and cats drool, or is it cats rule and dogs drool? Whatever it may be, people often debate about which of our furry friends is the better pet. Some would say that cats are typically more independent and cunning, while dogs are usually more social and straightforward. They also say the same about “cat” and “dog” people. Ask a “cat person” what they think about dogs and you hear, “Dogs slobber, bark, and poop a lot.” The “dog people” respond, “Cats do not show affection like a dog, plus there are those yucky hairballs and that smelly litter box.” I guess the one thing both species have in common is poop. Where they differ is where Fido and Fluffy do their “business.” Potty training for cats usually involves a bathroom, garage, or some other room where the scattering of enough cat litter to rival the Sahara Desert is not an issue, and no one has to watch said occurrence. For dog people, potty training is a public event that closely resembles getting a human baby out of diapers. There is always a lot

Image bearers of God | God Talk

The sanctity of humanity lies in how we were created – as image-bearers of God. Each life is bestowed value not because of who we are, but because of Who made us. God has bestowed upon each person a part of who He is. As a result, every single life has innate value – from birth to grave. If that is true, every life matters … from the preborn child to the senior who has lived a full life. Our thoughts rarely go to the lives just beginning to make this mark on the world. The ones who can choose good or bad things and set themselves on a course that determines their futures as well as the future of our country. Young lives do matter. If they are lucky, they will have every opportunity, a supportive family and be free from hunger, abuse, and poverty. But many are not so lucky, and many are right here in our community. We rarely talk about the homeless youth who struggle to attend school while “couch surfing” and wearing the same clothes every day. The ones that

The Dish: Restaurateur Hollis Silverman

Hollis Silverman helped Chef Jose Andres expand his local brand into a national empire. Today she’s behind not one, but three new establishments in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C.: the Italian inspired La Collina, a cocktail bar known as The Wells, and The Duck and the Peach, a seasonal twist on New American cuisine. Silverman talked with “CBS Saturday Morning” co-host Michelle Miller about how her creative approach could perhaps change the culinary industry as a whole.