GOP Hopes to Recapture CA House Seats, But Democrats Are Gaining Voter Edge

Republicans hope to recapture seven California U.S. House seats lost in a 2018 rout, but Democrats are gaining ground among registered voters as the party looks to hold districts that could be critical in the fight to control Congress. Registration numbers are just one indicator of the way the vote might swing — elections ultimately are decided by who shows up. But the favorable tilt for Democrats and independents who tend to vote like them is a warning sign for the GOP heading toward the state’s March 3 primary election. Democrats control the House 232-197, with one independent and five vacancies. One example: At this stage in 2018, Republicans held a slim registration edge in the 39th District, anchored in the one-time GOP stronghold of Orange County and now held by Democratic Rep. Gil Cisneros. But Democrats grabbed a tiny registration advantage in the district later in 2018 and it’s continued to grow. State figures released last week show Democrats have built up a nearly 3 percentage-point margin over the GOP as Republican Young Kim angles for a November rematch against Cisneros. It’s a similar…

16-Year-Old Boy Killed, 2 Other Teens Wounded in Shooting at Arleta House Party

Up to three people are wanted Saturday after a shooting at a house party in Arleta left a 16-year-old boy dead and two other teenagers wounded, officials said. The Los Angeles Police Department received a call about the incident in the 13400 block of Rangoon Street just before 11 p.m. Friday, Officer Drake Madison told KTLA. Three people were shot, including a 16-year-old boy who succumbed to his injuries, officials said. The two others, 17 and 19, both male, were taken to the hospital. The 17-year-old was in stable condition, while the 19-year-old’s condition was unclear, according to authorities. Officers arrived to a chaotic scene on the residential street. Video shows shaken civilians speaking to police outside a home where the party apparently took place. Paramedics wheeled one conscious person into an ambulance, footage shows. A neighbor told KLTA said the party had been packed with young people. Investigators said they’re looking for up to three people, one female and two male, who fled in a black Jeep SUV with the partial license plate AL. One of the male suspects wore blue jeans and carried…

Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 1500, Quarantined Cruise Ship Passengers To Return To U.S.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The worldwide death toll from the Coronavirus outbreak has now reached 15oo. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now setting up labs across the country — including Los Angeles — to test anyone who has flu-like symptoms. San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York are also involved, with more sites on the way. The World Health Organization is sending a team to China to help out at the outbreak’s hot zone. More than 1700 health care workers there have been infected. The U.S. government is also preparing to evacuate American citizens stuck on a quarantined cruise ship in japan. About 380 Americans, including a couple from Santa Clarita, have been aboard the Diamond Princess since February 5th because of the Coronavirus outbreak. The U.S. embassy in Japan says Americans will be flown back to the States February 16 on a chartered flight. They will have to undergo another two weeks of quarantine when they get back. So far, 218 people have tested positive for Coronavirus on that ship.

Man Fatally Shot at Marriott Hotel in Downtown Riverside; Assailant Sought

Authorities on Saturday are looking for the person who fatally shot a man at a hotel in downtown Riverside the previous night. The shooter opened fire when the victim, a man in his 50s, was entering a parking lot to leave the Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center in the 3400 block of Market Street, according to the Riverside Police Department. The assailant fled in a vehicle before officers could respond to the scene just before 11 p.m. Friday, Sgt. Carlos Flores told KTLA. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said. Video from the scene shows a paramedics wheeling in the victim into an ambulance just outside the hotel. Investigators said they believe he was targeted but could not provide a description of the shooter or information about a possible motive. Authorities have not released the victim’s identity. Police did not confirm if there was an event at the time of the shooting, which happened on Valentine’s Day. KTLA’s Alexis Lewis contributed to this report. 

ICE Subpoenas San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the 1st Time New Tactic Is Used in CA

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement took the rare step of serving four administrative subpoenas Friday to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for information on four Mexican nationals wanted for deportation. The immigration subpoenas are the first of their kind in California, though they’re just the latest deployment of a new, month-old Trump administration tactic aimed at so-called sanctuary cities and states. ICE, the Department of Homeland Security agency responsible for arresting and deporting people in the U.S. illegally, used the subpoenas Jan. 15 in Denver for what was believed to be the first time. The agency subsequently used them in New York and on Thursday in Connecticut. According to an ICE spokeswoman, the subpoenas are not court-ordered or signed by a judge. But if the Sheriff’s Department does not comply, ICE said it can coordinate with federal prosecutors to seek an order from a federal judge that would compel the Sheriff’s Department to comply. Read the full story on

Americans on Quarantined Ship in Japan to Be Flown to Travis Air Force Base in NorCal

The U.S. says Americans aboard a quarantined cruise ship will be flown back home on a chartered flight Sunday, but that they will face another two-week quarantine. About 380 Americans are aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has docked at Yokohama, a port city southwest of Tokyo. So far, 285 people from the ship have tested positive for the new virus that began in China, after 67 new cases were found Saturday. The passengers have been quarantined on the ship since Feb. 5. That 14-day quarantine is due to end on Wednesday. The chartered aircraft will arrive in Japan late Sunday. Passengers will be flown to Travis Air Force Base in California, with some continuing to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo said in a letter to passengers and crew that was posted online Saturday. Everyone will get a checkup before being allowed on the chartered flight, and those who show symptoms of sickness will not be permitted to board the plane, the embassy said. After arriving in the U.S., all of the passengers will need to go through…

One dead after SUV drives off Highway 101 in Burlingame

The female driver of a silver Chevy SUV traveling southbound on Highway 101 died after her vehicle lost control and drove off the highway in Burlingame early Saturday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol. At about 5:38 a.m. CHP received a call about the SUV, which went through a chainlink fence on the west side of the freeway and rolled multiple times, eventually ending on Rollins Road. The driver was ejected from the vehicle and died because of the collision, according to Officer David Morey. Officers are investigating the cause of the accident but at this time there’s no reason to specifically suspect drugs or alcohol were involved, Morey said. No additional details about the driver were immediately available. Check back for updates.

A plane passenger filmed a man repeatedly ‘punching’ her reclined seat with his fist. Who’s wrong here?

By Scottie Andrew | CNN The flight was supposed to last less than two hours, quick and painless. Instead, it turned into what one passenger described as a painful assault — and a lightning rod for what constitutes proper airline etiquette. Wendi Williams, who describes herself as a teacher in Virginia Beach, tweeted about the experience on an American Airlines flight in January. In footage she shared on Twitter, which has been shared widely and viewed hundreds of thousands of times online, the man seated behind her repeatedly pushed the back of her seat with his fist. She says before she started filming, he was actually forcefully punching her seat. Why? Because she reclined it. The man’s actions — and Williams’ decision to recline the seat into a row with no ability to do the same — has sparked a heated conversation about etiquette at 30,000 feet. How it happened Williams was flying from a teacher’s convention in New Orleans to a connection in Charlotte, North Carolina, she wrote on Twitter. The footage appears to show she was seated in the second-to-last row in the…

New DNA evidence links man named in the ‘Serial’ podcast to 1996 killing

By Alaa Elassar | CNN Nearly 24 years after the death of 23-year-old Shawn Marie Neal, police in South Carolina say they have identified the man who killed her using newly discovered DNA evidence. Ronald Lee Moore, a suspected serial burglar from Baltimore County, Maryland, has been identified as Neal’s killer, according to the North Myrtle Beach police. Moore committed suicide while incarcerated in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, in 2008. Moore was named as a possible suspect in the 1999 killing of Hae Min Lee in Baltimore, one of the cases which became a topic during the first season of the popular crime podcast “Serial.” However, DNA from evidence of the Lee case did not match Moore’s. Neal was reported missing by her boyfriend in June 1996 after she had left to meet a man named Don Gibson, but never returned home. When police conducted a welfare check at a North Myrtle Beach condo, Neal was found strangled to death, according to the official police report. Police later concluded that Don Gibson was a fake name. A search of the area found several items from…

Fake flyers and face-mask fear: California fights coronavirus discrimination

By Andrew Hay, Maria Caspani | Reuters A flyer in Los Angeles’ Carson area, with a fake seal of the World Health Organization, tells residents to avoid Asian-American businesses because of a coronavirus outbreak. A Los Angeles middle schooler is beaten and hospitalized after students say he is as an Asian-American with coronavirus. And over 14,000 people sign a petition urging schools in the Alhambra area to close over coronavirus risks, even though there is only one case of the virus in Los Angeles County, with its population of 10.1 million. These are some of the hoaxes, assaults and rumors Los Angeles authorities spoke out against on Thursday to stamp out anti-Asian bigotry bubbling to the surface in California, where over half of the 15 U.S. coronavirus cases are located. Bullying and assaults of Asian-Americans are being reported from New York to New Mexico, sparked by unfounded fears that they are somehow linked to a virus that originated in China. With by far the largest Asian-American population of any U.S. state, officials in California are aggressively trying to get ahead of such hate crimes before…

State of the Valley is looking good — but not for everyone

The State of the Valley conference, Joint Venture’s annual “town hall” meeting on Friday had plenty of the usual superlatives about the positive aspects of life in Silicon Valley. As Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock said, we’re living in “the most prodigious regional economy in the history of regional economies.” Unemployment is low, venture capital funding and business construction are both up and unicorns — private companies valued at $1 billion or more — can be found around every corner. By those measures — and others found in this year’s Silicon Valley Index — our glass isn’t just half-full, it’s overflowing. However, the crowd of more than 1,200 people at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center got a sobering — but important — message that every success comes with a “but” attached. All this wealth is being enjoyed by a smaller and smaller group as the income gap in Bay Area widens, more people are homeless, and housing — affordable and otherwise — lags far behind what’s needed. Sure, venture capital investment is up, but it’s actually more money going to fewer companies. Shoestring startups…

1 Teen Killed, 2 Injured At Arleta House Party Shooting, Suspects Remain At Large

ARLETA (CBSLA) — One teen was killed and two injured Friday night at a shooting that occurred at a house party in Arleta. Police are looking for two, possibly three suspects who were at the party and who fled the scene in a  dark colored SUV. A 16-year-old died on the scene, a 17-year-old and 19-year-old were injured. It’s not clear yet what prompted the shooting. One of the victims taken out the house by two friends and handed over to paramedics who rushed the victim to hospital. That victim is expected to be okay, as is the other shooting victim, who made it to the hospital on their own. Officers were called to the scene at 13418 Rangoon Street shortly before 11 p.m.    

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