Military jets cause sonic boom across D.C. area

Over the weekend, residents in the Washington, D.C., area heard a sonic boom from military jets scrambling to intercept an unresponsive plane that had entered restricted airspace over the nation’s capital. The small plane eventually crashed into a mountain in Virginia. CBS News chief national affairs and justice correspondent Jeff Pegues reports from near the crash site.

Beverly Hills purse snatchers caught on camera

A pair of thieves have been arrested after snatching purses from unsuspecting customers at some Beverly Hills restaurants over the weekend.   Video captured the suspects at Wally’s, an upscale wine and cheese bar on Canon Drive, on Saturday.   The footage shows a male and female suspect standing behind a table of customers. The man appears to be having a conversation on his cellphone when the woman is seen easily sliding a customer’s purse off the back of the chair and then placing it in a larger handbag she had on her shoulder. The duo then casually turns, appear to speak to an employee and then walk out of the establishment.   Beverly Hills police told KTLA that after the suspects left Wally’s, they strolled down Canon Drive where they committed the same crime at yet another restaurant.   This incident comes on the heels of another purse snatching on Mother’s Day that was captured on camera at a popular restaurant in Culver City. In that case, police are searching for at least three suspects in what they said was a coordinated theft.  

Plane overturns at Santa Monica Airport

A pilot was fortunate to walk away unscathed after a small plane crashed while landing at Santa Monica Airport Monday afternoon. The incident occurred around 3:45 p.m. The pilot was the only person on board when the single-engine aircraft apparently skidded across the runway while landing and then flipped over, Sky5 reporter Gil Leyvas reported. Sky5 view of a small plane that crashed while landing at Santa Monica Airport. June 5, 2023. (KTLA) Aerial footage showed the overturned aircraft sustained relatively minor damage. There was no fuel leak or fire, Santa Monica Fire officials said. The runway was temporarily closed for the accident investigation and to remove the plane.

California Launches CalGrows Program to Help Caregivers

The California Department of Aging offers free courses to people caring for seniors and people with disabilities. By Staff Report • Published 4 hours ago • Updated 4 hours ago Getty Image California has launched a program to provide workforce training and development for people caring for older adults and people with disabilities. The California Department of Aging CalGrows program offers free classes, career coaching and other resources to help people qualify for jobs in health care. Eligible caregivers can be in-home or community based providers Click here to learn more about CalGrows, eligibility, incentives and more.

Lake Mead water level stalls as Lake Powell continues strong rise

As we head into June and the daylight lasts longer, Lake Mead’s water level has shown an incredible rebound, rising almost 10 feet this year. While that’s great news for the nation’s largest reservoir that has seen historic water level drops, it’s only a quarter of the rise at Lake Powell. This year’s water level rises can be primarily credited to the massive snowpack that’s melting off the Colorado Rockies this spring. Lake Powell’s water level has now risen more than 41 feet since the beginning of 2023. Lake Mead discovery surfaces half-century-old investigation Lake Mead has also benefited from the decision by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to release more water through the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell, located upriver 360 miles. The initial release took place in May and since then, Reclamation has continued to release more water daily than the average amount most years. Lake Powell water level as of Sunday, June 4 was 3,565.81 feet above sea level. (Image: Powell water level as of Sunday, June 4 was 3,565.81 feet above sea level. (Image: Now that the summer

Warren Beatty’s Attorney Reportedly Has Settlement Talks With Attorney Representing Woman Who Alleges Sexual Abuse

Warren Beatty – Photo courtesy of Dan Holm on Shutterstock An attorney for a woman who alleges that Warren Beatty sexually abused her years ago when she was a teen told a judge Monday that he has had settlement talks with the actor’s counsel.Plaintiff’s attorney Michael Reck also told Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Edward B. Moreton Jr. that the 86-year-old actor has not yet been served with the suit. In the wake of the announcements, Moreton postponed Monday’s scheduled case management conference in the plaintiff’s lawsuit until Sept. 14. The suit, filed Nov. 7, alleges sexual battery and assault and a violation of the state Penal Code. The plaintiff said she was a teen and that Beatty was in his 30s when he allegedly groomed her and lured her into a sexual relationship in the 1970s. “When plaintiff was just a 14-year-old child, (Beatty) used his role, status and power as a well-known Hollywood star to gain access to, groom, manipulate, exploit and coerce sexual contact from her over the course of several months…,” the suit states.The abuse of continued until late 1973, the

Railroad Grade Separation Projects in LA County Receive Fed Funds

Photo via Pixabay Three railroad grade separation efforts in Los Angeles County were among dozens nationwide awarded millions in federal funds, it was announced Monday.According to the Federal Railroad Administration, $64.5 million in Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program funds was earmarked for projects in California.The disbursals are part of a $570 million distribution for 63 projects in 32 states, according to the FRA. “The Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program is another critical tool that FRA is using to make a lasting impact on the safety and transportation needs of communities nationwide,” FRA Administrator Amit Bose said. “With these project selections and the many more that are to come, we will save lives and reshape infrastructure in ways that allow individuals to move through their neighborhoods seamlessly and safely.” In Los Angeles County, $704,000 was earmarked for a Sierra Highway Crossing Elimination Planning Project. According to the FRA, the project will include a feasibility study on bridge projects at three grade crossings at Avenue S, Barrel Springs Road and Sierra Highway.“The Avenue S crossing in particular sees significant vehicular and pedestrian traffic, including proximity to a