Will two environmental justice advocates approve a 1.5 million sqft warehouse in Jurupa Valley?

Gary Conner, Jurupa Valley resident In the beautiful hills and open space of Jurupa Valley, where the environment and outdoors are not just landscapes but a way of life, it’s jarring to think of a mammoth warehouse occupying an empty lot beside the Santa Ana River, which borders the City of Riverside. As a longtime resident of the Inland Empire, my connection with this region goes beyond my love for its equestrian trails and wildlife. It’s where I, like many others, have lived and am now retired and proud to give back and stand up for my community.  I have also consistently supported and donated to Democratic candidates, believing in their promise to protect our environmental legacy. Imagine the hope I felt learning that our Jurupa Valley Planning Commission had appointed two officials deeply rooted in environmental justice: Hakan Jackson and Penny Newman. Their history as advocates seemed like the dawn of a new era for our community. However, recent developments have cast shadows on my initial optimism. My regular attendance at local commission and council meetings has been an exercise in mounting concern. A

CIELO Fund at IECF Announces $125k in Scholarships for Inland Empire Latino Students

The Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) announced today that the Cultivating Inland Empire Latino Opportunity, or CIELO Fund, is awarding $125,000 in scholarships to 83 Latino students throughout the Inland Empire as part of the inaugural CIELO Fund Scholars Program. Funding for the inaugural round of CIELO Fund Scholars was made possible thanks to generous support from the Gimbel Foundation and SoCal Gas’ ¡GENTE! Latino Employee Committee.  “We can’t go wrong investing in our next generation of college students,” said Jesse Melgar, IECF Board Member and CIELO Fund Founding Chair. “Our research last year showed that only 1 in 10 Inland Empire Latinos have a bachelor’s degree or higher so our committee wanted to do our part to support students breaking barriers for their families, for their communities, and for our region. We thank the Gimbel Foundation and SoCal Gas for their generous support, and wish our inaugural round of CIELO Fund Scholars the best in their educational pursuits, including the overwhelming majority who are on track to become the first in their families to graduate from college.”  The CIELO Fund Leadership and Grantmaking Committee is proud to